Internet of Things (IoT) for Soil Moisture Detection Using Time Series Model


  • Iman Setiawan Statistic Study Program, Tadulako University, Palu, Indonesia
  • Junaidi Junaidi Statistic Study Program, Tadulako University, Palu, Indonesia
  • Fadjryani Fadjryani Statistic Study Program, Tadulako University, Palu, Indonesia
  • Fika Reski Amaliah Statistic Study Program, Tadulako University, Palu, Indonesia



IoT, Soil Moisture Sensor, Time Series Model


Technology in agriculture has been widely and massively applied. One of them is automation technology and the use of big data through the Internet of Things (IoT). The use of IoT allows a process to run automatically without human intervention. Extreme weather changes and narrow land use are one of the main problems in agriculture. The development of IoT devices has been widely developed regarding this subject. One of them is a soil moisture detection system. This study aims to build an IoT soil moisture detection system. The system will use a sensor as input which is then processed in a microcontroller device and the prediction results are sent to the IoT cloud platform. Prediction results are obtained using a time series model and then its performance is evaluated using RMSE. This model was chosen because the structure of the observed soil moisture data is based on time. The results of this study indicate that the soil moisture IoT system can work well. This is supported by the results of the prediction evaluation value of the RMSE = 1.175682x10-5 model which is very small.


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