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JOIN (Jurnal Online Informatika) is a scientific journal published by the Department of Informatics UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. This journal contains scientific papers from Academics, Researchers, and Practitioners about research on informatics.

JOIN (Jurnal Online Informatika) has been accredited Sinta 2 by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia as an academic journal (SK Dirjen Dikti No. B/4130/E5/E5.2.1/2019)

JOIN (Jurnal Online Informatika) is published twice a year in June and December. The paper is an original script and has a research base on Informatics. 

Jurnal Online Informatika (JOIN) contains scientific studies of :

Data Manajement and Information System
1. Database Management System
2. Database System
3. Data Warehouse
4. Data Mining
5. Data Visualization
6. Data Security
7. Big Data
8. Accounting Information System (IS)
9. Financial Technology
10. Accounting Software
11. Financial SI Management
12. Marketing Management Information System
13. Human Resource Management System
14. Strategic Management of Information System
15. Legal Aspect of Business System
16. Audit Information System
17. Knowledge Management System
18. Project & Change Management of Information System
19. Business Process & Organization of Information System
20. Quality Assurance of Infromation System
21. Business Data Communication of Information System
22. Behavioural of Information System
23. IS Security & Risk Management of Information System
24. Business Intelligence System

Computer System and Disctributed Computing
1. Computer Organization & Architecture
2. Operating System
3. Computer Networks & Wireless Communication
4. Embedded System
5. Pervasive Computing
6. Network Programming
7. Mobile Computing
8. Internet of Thing (IoT) Technology
9. Cloud Computing
10. Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
11. Network function virtualization (NFV)
12. Smart System
13. Information Technology (IT) Automation
14. Virtualization
15. Network Security
16. Cryptography
17. Computer Security
18. Telematic
19. Routing-Switching System & Technology
20. Parallel and Distributed Systems

Programming and Software Engineering
1. Software Construction (Programming)
2. DevOps
3. CI/CD (Continuous Integration)
4. Software Modeling
5. Software Quality
6. Software Project & Management
7. Software Development Methodology
8. Software Testing
9. Software Deployment and Configuration
10. Software Security
11. Specific Domain Software Engineering
12. Software Maintenance, Change, and Evolution
13. Design Thinking
14. UX Research
15. Scrum Utilization

Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
1. Digital Image Processing
2. Multimedia data processing
3. Knowledge representation & reasoning
4. Machine Learning
5. Natural Languge Processing
6. Data science
7. A.I driven for IoT
8. A.I driven for GameTech

Thus, we invite Academics, Researchers, and Practitioners to participate in submitting their work to this journal.




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Vol 5, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents


# Title & Author Download
Possible System Architecture for Travel Recommender
Abstract view : 349 times
Supriyanto Supriyanto, Jefree Fahana
Two-stage Gene Selection and Classification for a High-Dimensional Microarray Data
Abstract view : 203 times
Masithoh Yessi Rochayani, Umu Sa'adah, Ani Budi Astuti
Analyzing and Forecasting Admission data using Time Series Model
Abstract view : 205 times
Nu'man Normas Muhamad, Husni Thamrin
Prediction of Indonesian Inflation Rate Using Regression Model Based on Genetic Algorithms
Abstract view : 219 times
Faisal Dharma, Shabrina Shabrina, Astrid Noviana, Muhammad Tahir, Nirwana Hendrastuty, Wahyono Wahyono
Failover Cluster Nodes and ISCSI Storage Area Network on Virtualization Windows Server 2016
Abstract view : 195 times
Mohammad Thoip Abdullah, Sulhan Qidri, Wadi Nuryadi, Septian Rheno Widianto
Virtual Reality Headset Implementation on Parsec Cloud Gaming Platform
Abstract view : 169 times
Muhammad Fadhil Rahadiansyah, Ridha Muldina, Sussi Sussi
Website Based Greenhouse Microclimate Control Automation System Design
Abstract view : 214 times
Muhammad Hafiz, Irfan Ardiansah, Nurpilihan Bafdal
Reactive Forwarding and Proactive Forwarding Performance Comparison on SDN-Based Network
Abstract view : 150 times
Galura Muhammad Suranegara, Ichwan Nul Ichsan, Endah Setyowati
Decision Support System for Employee Recruitment Using El Chinix Traduisant La Realite (Electre) And Weighted Product (WP)
Abstract view : 177 times
Mohamad Irfan, Undang Syaripudin, Cecep Nurul Alam, Muhammad Hamdani

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